Notion: How I use the 15-minute content planner

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Getting to know a new tool can be hard, which is why I put this course together that shows you exactly how I use Notion to structure my content.


From using the 15-minute content planner to building up enough content to start organising my content into series, I will walk you through the process I go through to manage my content inside Notion.


This course is designed to give you ideas and inspiration on how you can use Notion (or the tool of your choice) to structure your content and get you to focus your attention more on creating content and posting rather than wasting days on the how to organise yourself, syndrome.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Exactly how I use Notion to manage my content created using the 15-minute content planner

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What this course is about
Welcome to my training on how I use Notion to plan my content. Now I know that there are many tools out there that you could use, and probably do use. Most of the concepts that I am going to cover in this training can be applied to those tools as well. I’ve used some of them myself like ASANA, Trello, and even Microsoft Planner. There are many others that I haven’t used. I know that Airtable is currently very popular and I’m sure that it could also work as the principle of how I create my content can be applied to other tools.

The Space to Create
The real secret to why the 15-minute content planner is so successful is that it has a secret weapon that other planners and calendars don’t have, and that’s the space to create.

The Basics of my content plan
So this is my content. I will go over how I structure my content using Notion. This will also demonstrate why I don’t recommend using a general writing tool like Microsoft Word or Google docs, or any other word processor, because if it doesn’t give you the capability to organise your thoughts and rearrange things and filter and change views, then it’s going to be very limiting.

The Advanced features in my Content Plan
In this lesson I continue to walk you through my content plan and how I use some of the advanced features in Notion

Creating a Content Series and Calendar View
I also use Notion to create advanced views that focus on a group of content that is a little bit more content than a general post. These are things that I refer to as a series.

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